As our state representative, Kathy shows courageous leadership. She stood up to Brownback's disastrous tax experiment and fought for working families of Kansas. When she returns to Topeka, Kathy is again ready to work towards common sense solutions to get our state back on the right track.

Kathy is a consistent advocate for our schools. Endorsed by teachers' organizations like KNEA, Kathy respects our teachers and will fight to make sure they have the resources to educate all Kansas kids.

Kathy knows that strong schools are engines of economic growth for Kansas. We can't afford to go backwards and return to the days of drastic cuts to school funding.

Economic Recovery and Development

Kathy saw firsthand the impact of and fought against the reckless Brownback tax experiment. With Kansas facing a new economic crisis, we need leaders who understands that we need steady, responsible plans to get our state back on track. Kathy knows that we can't just cut our way to economic growth.

We need to protect our critical public services like schools, infrastructure and public safety. These are investments that make our communities attractive places to live and do business. Instead of tax breaks for giant corporations, we have to invest in and reduce costs for middle- and working-class Kansans.

From her time working for Mayor Marinovich to her leadership role on the House Appropriations Committee, Kathy has been an advocatre for economic development in Wyandotte County for over two decades.


Kathy's years of experience as a healthcare administrator for the University of Kanas Health System have shown her that Kansans need health reform. Every state bordering Kansas has now expanded Medicaid, and its long past time that Kansas joins them. Tens of thousands of Kansas families could immediately begin receiving the healthcare they need if Medicaid was expanded. 

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that expanding Medicaid isn't just about helping our most vulernable families. Its critical to our public health and economic recovery that every Kansan has access to the care they need. By ensuring all are able to access the treatment and testing they need, we'll be more resilient in the face of diseases and better able to get our economy up and running.

Transparency in Government

Kansans deserve to know how and why their government is spending their money and making laws. Kathy has been a cosistent advocate for increasing transparency in Topeka and being a steward of responsible government.


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